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Young Justice: Night Hunter Part.1  "Revived"

"Gotham Harbor: February 17 2011 9:00pm"- Near Gotham Harbor, four members of the team stood watch on a near by building. The members were Superboy,Robin,Zatanna, and Ma'gnn. "Okay guys, Soleman Grundy is bringing something in for the light, rumor is it has to deal with Dracula. Ma'gaan and I will run distraction while Zatanna and Superboy get what ever it is. Go!" As Robin and Ma'gaan got closer they discovered the item the giant white zombie had was a coffin with a magic circle, a giant "D" in the center of it. M'agnn scanned the inside of the casket to find a life form living inside. "Robin, there's...there's someone in side that thing." Robin looked at Ma'gaan shocked then back to the coffin. "So, what do we do?" Superboy asked through the telepathic link, looking to Zatanna. "Listen team, retrieve the casket and what ever you do don't let Grundy open it." Robin ordered as the four teens sprung to action. Zatanna was the first to strike some of the goons 

"Drah meht tih retaw" As she recited the spell a wall of water crashed into some of the men. Robin and Ma'gnn joined in while Superboy fought against Grundy. Conner gave his infamous yell as he began to strike the zombie, Grundy used the coffin to block it. Superboy and Robin saw it to late as his fist punched the seal. As the seal flashed it quickly faded, as the wood crumbled a young man's body feel limply to the ground. At first glance he was dressed in a black trench coat with a black dress shirt underneath, black leather pants covered his legs and a pair of black boots on his feet. A hat which many considered to be worn by monster hunters rested on his head, His hands were covered by gloves with magic circles on them and a cross rested around his neck, a sword was strapped on his back. 

"Aw, my head." he said rubbing his head in a british accent. he looked up to see the four teens then to the zombie. "What in the world?!" He said sitting in front the monster. The zombie looked to the teens then back to the stranger. "Uh, not vampire." he grumbled scratching his head. The boy looked at the zombie surprised then asked, "Where is he? Where!" 
He then began to punch the zombie and hurt it. Robin stepped forward to talk to him when he stopped and turned to the boy wonder. "Who are you and where are we?" Robin examined him getting a strange feeling and spoke, "My name's Robin, and your in Gotham City." The boy looked at Robin as if he were crazy, "That's impossible. I've been to Gotham many times, and this isn't what Gotham looks like." Zatanna looked at him, his cloths, even his magic symbols were older then the items she usually used. "Excuse me, but what year is it?" She asked to test her theory.

"The year is 1908, isn't it?" He asked looking at the four teens, they were surprised to find this boy had taken down Grundy using just his hands. Robin began to call Batman as Superboy answered. "No, the year is 2012, if your from 1908 than that means you've been in that thing for 104 years." He said in his monotone voice. Robin finished as he turned to the group, "Were to take him back to Mount Justice to talk to Batman." Robin said pointing to the boy. "So, what's your name?" Ma'gnn asked smiling, the boy removed his hat as he replied, "Thomas Harker, at your service." He said with a bow. The team returned to the base, Thomas felt dazed by all the information the team had told him. So many new things and customs, the world he once knew was buried like a brick in a wall. As they entered the cave the team saw a man with red hair standing next to Batman, as he turned the appearance of a white streak met their eyes. "Jason Blood, I wondered if you would still be around." Thomas said to the stranger, at his name Zatanna spoke up

"Wait. Jason Blood as in, Jason Blood and the demon, Etrigan?" The other three looked at her with shocked expressions as the others joined the large group. "As you can see there is a new member of the team. He is however from the past, but so we can learn more about him, Jason Blood will tell us." Batman said turning the attention to the red headed man. "Thomas Gabriel Harker, is the son of Mina and Jonathan Harker. In 1892 his parents met the monster Count Dracula and with Van Helsing's help defeated him." Hearing this Wally West A.K.A Kid Flash opened his mouth. "Wait a sec, you're talking about the story right?" This caused Artemis to elbow him in his side. "Yes, there is a book based on that event however most of it was lied to protect the Harker family,Van Helsing at the time did not have the knowledge to truly vanquish the vampire. Ten years later he attacked them again going after Thomas. When Van Helsing stopped him Thomas was taken with Van Helsing to learn what he knew." 

Blood looked at the boy then said, "I, along with Van Helsing trained him. Six years into his training they found Dracula, and that's when he disappeared. Van Helsing sealed the monster away believing Thomas was dead, His parents held a beautiful funeral for him though Van Helsing never stopped roaming the earth." Thomas looked down at the ground as he spoke. "That night was cold, he lead us to a graveyard. He had already drained ten people, so his strength was at it's fullest. I was warned to stay with my master, but I wanted to end this nightmarish beast. That was my folly as the next thing I knew, I was in the casket. I struggled until in broke apart and I was at the docks." Batman looked at the teens then spoke braking the silence. "You are to become a part of the team, until I say otherwise. Tomorrow, you'll be briefed on your cover story and identity." As the dark knight left the room with other members of the league Thomas turned to the rest of the team as batman stopped Robin and Aqualad. "Come with me."

As both boys ventured into the other room with the two men they discovered Superboy and Kid Flash there as well. "there is something about Thomas that is too... sensitive for the others to know." Jason Blood began looking to the Dark Knight. Two holo-screens came up, one of "The League of Shadows" leader, Ra's al Ghul, the other an image of a wolf creature.
"It has come to my attention during his training Ra's al Ghul tried to recruit Van Helsing into The League of Shadows. This puts Thomas in danger if Ra's ever sees him without a mask." As Batman finishes Wally raises his hand to ask, "So, what's with the picture of big bad there?" Jason Blood looks to him and answered. "Thomas had an accident during a hunt, a group of creatures saved him by changing him into a Lycan." Wally looked at him confused as Superboy Answered. "Lycans, a higher spices of Werewolf. Unlike common Werewolves, Lycans are mostly found in packs and stronger then Werewolves with the ability to change at will. Lycans can keep their strengths while in human form though can be weakened by low amounts of silver and wolfsbane while higher amounts can kill them. due to being hot blooded they are more effected by colder climates."

Jason Blood shook his head as Batman continued, "Unfortunately, lycans can only control themselves through years of learning." Batman said to the group as Aqualad finished, "Making him a danger to the team." They sat in silence as Superboy asked, "So what, were suppose to be baby-sitters to him?" Jason Blood shook his head no as he answered. "Yes and no, If he changes and can not control himself, you must keep him at bay until the sun rises." The four founding members of the team looked to each other in silence knowing the one thing Batman and Blood weren't saying, keep it from the others to not raise alarm. "Alright, we'll help him as much as we can." Robin said, crossing his arms while thinking. Wally saw this and waited for the others to leave before standing next to his friend. "Alright Dick, what's up?" Wally questioned, Dick Grayson looked up and answered. "Later tonight the four of us need to talk to him so we can be better whelmed for his, control issue." Wally shook his head as the two friends walked out of the room. "Dude, seriously. What's with the whelmed thing.?"  

First off, I don't own Young Justice, that's DC. So here is my OC, Thomas Harker story. I will post two more before it catching up to the story. (In the Young Justice universe he comes a few months after the last episode of season one but then reappears after the time jump.) the next part will consist of how he's dealing with his new life and someone... special will appear, stayed tuned :)
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