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Tanz der Schatten by joshwolf999
Tanz der Schatten
Third weapon of Team LGON (Legion) belonging to Odila Onyx, three weapons down, and one to go.  so sooner or later I will do images of the other three members but at least two of them have symbols. The weapon's name is German for Dance of Shadows. By the way while the symbol is done shape wise it's not color, I'm still going over it but for now it's black and purple.
This story is a RWBY fan fiction rated T for Teens. This story contains Freezerburn (Weiss x Yang) and a little Ladybug (Ruby x Blake) Halloween Fluff, viewer discretion is advised.

Weiss couldn't believe she was doing this, she felt ridiculous looking at herself in the mirror. Weiss knew she shouldn't have trusted Yang out of the both of them to get their costumes, and now here she stood, 'trying it on.'. Weiss thought back to this morning when this all began. Weiss stayed a bit after class with Professor Oobleck for some extra credit when she returned to the dorm she was greeted by the sight of Ruby and Blake dressing in their costume's for the Halloween Dance.

Ruby currently sat on Blake's bed, adding fake blood to the cat faunus' left cheek. Blake was dressed as a character from a video game Ruby had shown her, her normal clothing switched out for a ripped grey-blue tank top over a white one, with the tan cargo pants matching, her normal shoes were replaced with dark boots. The only thing that wasn't part of the costume was her trademark bow nestled on top of her head. 

"How's it looking?" Blake asked with a playful smile.

"You look like an awesome treasure hunter to me kitty-cat." Ruby answered, giving Blake a quick peck on the lips. "What about me?" She asked, jumping off.

Ruby's black dress was now gone, in it's place was a red and black armor similar to the Atlesian guards, now in the shorter girl's hands a full headed helmet with a gold colored face guard.

"You look ready to fight someone sweetie." Blake laughed as she stood as well. Both looked ready to make out when Weiss decided to clear her throat, making her presence known to the two. "Oh, hello Weiss." Blake said as the two looked to the young heiress.

"Oh, hey Weiss. I thought you were with Yang?" Ruby stated, holding her helmet in the crook of her arm and side.

"No I was- Wait. Why would I be with Yang?" Weiss never liked it when these types of situation appeared, for some they would think their significant other was cheating on them, for Weiss, it meant Yang was up to something. Now in some ways it wasn't a bad thing, usually Yang tried to do something sweet and nice for Weiss but most of the time they were somewhat...Awkward.

"Well... Yang said she was getting the last of the supplies she needed for your Halloween costumes." Blake stated as she walked over to Ruby's bed, taking the bow for her costume while handing Ruby her toy gun. Weiss cocked her head to the side.

"Wait, Yang can sew?" Neither girl had the chance to reply before the door burst open. Yang held two boxes in her arms with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey guys!" Yang said as she walked to her bed.

"Xiao Long! Why dose your sister think your making our costumes?" Weiss accused, crossing her arms. Yang's smile never left as she answered.

"Umm... Because I did?" Yang then placed one of the boxes down while bringing the white one to the snow haired girl. "I think I got your measurements right but I need you to try it on to make sure." She said, placing the white box with baby blue ribbon in her girlfriends hands. "Since we just started dating, I thought our Halloween costume's should match." Hearing those words Ruby blushed.

"We should go, Blake." The Cat Faunus was dragged away from the room with a reason as to why he girlfriend wanted them to leave, making the pale girl gulp. She pulled the ribbon and opened the box to find out what it was her girlfriend made.

"Are you serious?!" Weiss shrieked with a blush.

"Aw come on, I have the same thing. We'll match and we'll be hot." Yang pleaded, Weiss was speechless at what her girlfriend admitted to her. "Could you at least try it on?" And here she was, examining the ridiculous get up in the mirror. If her father could see her the older Schnee would throw a fit, but Weiss stood, looking from the feet up. The costume didn't have any shoes, apparently shoes were the one thing Yang couldn't make at the moment, leaving Weiss standing in the baby blue tights. She traveled up her legs to the red furred hem of the leotard, traveling from one side of her leg to the other from behind was a silk light blue skirt. On the left side of the hem was pinned a white ribbon with Yang's burning heart symbol in pale blue.

The leotard was like her dress, the bottom was baby blue that faded to white as it went up, making the other half white with the black embroidered cloth covering her cleavage. Weiss still wore her necklace as well as a white collar and red bow tie. Her hands were encased in white opera gloves with baby blue wrist cuffs. Keeping with the color scheme the ears that sat on her head were the same as her gloves, the band however was black, matching her crown.

"So what do you think?" A voice asked from behind. Weiss turned to look at Yang, she too was dressed in a bunny suit, The leotard was gold with a sleeveless vest similar to her jacket, pinned above her tanned tights was a yellow ribbon with the Schnee snow flake in yellow. Yang's cuffs looked similar to her jacket's connected to a pair of black gloves. Although it was hard to see under her scarf Yang could see the brown collar with a yellow bow tie, her bunny ears were gold and brown. "If it's too tight or too lose in places I can fix it."

Weiss looked from her girlfriend to the mirror and back. When Weiss first saw the outfit she thought it was going to make her lack of a chest even more apparent, however now wearing it and seeing on herself she felt she looked beautiful, or in Yang's words, she looked hot.

"Yang, is this why you've been missing class this week?" Weiss asked, the craftsmanship Yang put into it, it was as good as some of the tailors she went to in Atlas. "Where did you learn how to sew?" This caused Yang to blush, surprising the white haired girl.

"Well, after mom... you know, Dad did everything. Then when he started leaving the island for work, he taught me in case Ruby ripped her cloths or needed her teddy bear fixed and he wasn't there. Over time I got really good at it." She looked away for a second, scratching the back of her head. "If you want, we can try to get to Vale so we can get better costumes. I did this originally because I wanted to see if you'ed like it. I guess-" Weiss placed a finger on Yang's lips, stopping the brawler in her tracks.

"Yang, at times you can be boorish, juvenile, and many times the full embodiment of a brute. But I never thought you'ed be foolish, why would I waste money on some cheaply made costume when my wonderful girlfriend made me a perfectly good costume." Weiss removed her finger and smiled. "Now, to answer your question, it's perfect, in fact if you weren't a huntress, you would be a fine seamstress." Yang smiled then took Weiss in her arms, holding her cool body against her warmer. Weiss smiled then kissed her lips.

"Thanks for that, snow angel." Yang then placed both of her hands on Weiss's behind, giving each cheek a playful squeeze. Weiss jumped then glared at Yang.

"You brute!" She shouted, still in Yang's arms. Weiss gave her a punch in the arm then hugged her again, she smiled then squeezed her back causing Yang to jump.

"Looks like I'm starting to rub off on you." Weiss kept her head on Yang's shoulder and surprisingly slapped her backside. "Ooo, someone's getting frisky." Weiss rolled her eyes.

"Shut up. Now if you don't mind, I have to show off my girlfriend's tailoring ability." Yang smiled.

"And if anyone else so much at looks at your booty, the next thing they'll see is my fist in their." Weiss and Yang put on their normal boots then walked out of the room to the empty hallway, Weiss took hold of Yang's hand and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you again, Yang." Yang looked at Weiss with a smug smile and kissed her back.

"No problem, Weiss."
Hey guy's, guess what? I'm starting an Ask Blog! The blog is called Ask Torchwood the Pony. Here's a link. ask-torchwood-the-pony.tumblr.… If you have a question come and ask.
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