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      As I floated around in the emptiness, not fully awake or asleep I saw the spirit, Vision. I accepted the invitation to the Race of Dreams, not knowing fully how I was going to get to this place called Pixie Hollow when suddenly, someone turned the gravity back on. I was free falling now, the light of the inside of Kingdom Hearts dying down enough that I could open my eyes.

      I was looking at a new world beneath me, a giant oak tree surrounded by a beautiful meadow, one part seemed to be in an eternal winter for crying out loud. As I fell I passed someone, they were dressed in a purple dress with translucent wings. That was a fairy, I passed a fairy. Someone grabbed me just in time as the ground got closer, I turned to look at my savior.

"Are you crazy? Why didn't you open your wings?" Her right arm was covered by a metal gauntlet, sleeve, and pauldron, her left a leafy green sleeve and glove while the rest of her clothes matched the green sleeve, looking like it was made out of leaves. Her long hair was a light blue, getting darker fur down, her light green eyes looking into mine with annoyance and worry.

"I umm..." I looked down at my own clothes. They too seemed to be made out of leaves and grass save for my last wolf head pauldron, Warren was going to kill me when he saw his work got ruined. I then wondered how would it look if told her he had no clue how I got where I was now. "Sorry, my brain is a little scrambled." I soon felt the new appendages on my back, I concentrated on them to move and was happy when my wings began to come to life.

"Just be more careful. It'd be a shame for happen to a cutie like you." I blushed as she continued. "Your here for the race, right?" She asked, letting me fly on my own.

"Yes, my name is Josh. Thanks again for saving me miss."

She then gave me a once over then looked in my eyes again. "I'm Lexil. It's nice to meet you." It was then an hawk Heartless forced it's way through us, heading toward the tree. "Damn!" She growled charging after it. I went after her, struggling a little to catch up

"Why is it going after the tree?" I asked finally getting to her side.

"Could be a number of reasons, none of them most likely good. The best thing we can do is kill it before it hurts anyone." She then pulled out two Sai knives and looked at me.  "If you have a weapon,  you better pull it out now."

I summoned my keyblade as I followed her to the tree. Now that we were close enough I could see the tree was like a building, and the heartless was attacking the fairies inside. "We have have to help them."  I said to her.

"We need to kill the Heartless, then find the princess. That's all." Lexil said. I grabbed her by the shoulder. "I'm going to help the fairies." He growled, flying past the heartless. The first fairy I got to was a short blonde, I have no idea why, but I some how knew who she was.

I helped her to her feet when I heard the cracking of a tree branch. I tried to freeze it blizzaga but I didn't have enough magic. I tried to shield her only to be shoved out of the way. Lexil helped the both of us up.

"Tinker bell, I'm Lexil, the guy holding you is Josh. Vision sent us to learn about resourcefulness."

"I wanted to try for something easier to teach you guys, but I guess I have to change my plans. I need you guys to figure out a way to get rid of this thing and help the trapped fairies." I looked at Lexil and we both flew up.

Lexil flew at the Heartless before we could even talk about a plan she attacked the creature throwing thunder and ice spells at the hawk. It dropped then flew back up for Lexil to repeat the process. The heartless hit her with a wind spell, throwing the both of us into a few of the vines which were pulled loose from the attack.

"Why didn't you attack with me?" she growled. This irritated me as I growled back.

"You didn't say anything about what you were planning. Now need to figure out how to beat this thing." I got free of the vines while she still struggled to get loose. I cut her free. "How do we pull that branch free and take it down?"

It was here, while she was holding the cut vine we both seemed to get the same idea.

"I'll distract it, you tie the vines." I said, flying at the Heartless." She nodded her head as we both split up.

The Heartless may be a weak one when I'm normal size, but at my small scale, it was a challenge. The Heartless threw me around with it's wind magic as I tried to block it's pecking and scratching. She flew at its leg as it pecked at me once again.

Once it was tied Lexil bombarded it with a spell mixing both ice and thunder magic. It fell a little, the branch moving a bit she did it again and I joined her, both of us put all we had into the spells throwing it to the ground, the branch moved, being thrown on top of the Heartless, destroying it.

We flew back to Tinker Belle, she and a few others were checking on the now freed fairies when she looked at us.

"You guys did it. Thank you so much, I  am happy to say you both proved you have the virtue. Now you can move on to the other challenge." She said,  going back to the hurt fairies.

I looked at Lexil who began to fly away. "Wait." I asked joining her side. "Please, form a team with me. We worked well together and I could really use your help." She stared at me for a moment then continued flying. I looked down as I began to feel dejected.

"Well are you coming or not." She called back. I smiled and joined her as we continued with the race.
Race of Dreams II: Round 2
Well this is my submission for :iconkhoriginals: Race of Dreams II featuring :iconwhyte-tyger:'s character Lexil. I lost the original version of this and literally remade it a few hours ago, I hope you guys like it. 
One Good, Bad Girl by joshwolf999
One Good, Bad Girl
Not gonna lie, I couldn't think of a clever title/description for this. But there is a chance I may make a varient of this picture. Again I don't own Equestria Girls, that's hasbro
So, my sister accidentally ripped my charger cord so I can't use Photoshop or Illustrator for a while as well as play any of my games.


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hi everyone
i just want to meet nice people, make good pictures and stories, and maybe find someone. :D

Favourite genre of music: alternative
Favourite style of art: anime/sonic
MP3 player of choice: ipod,duh
Favourite cartoon character: con from bleach, hes funny
Personal Quote: it takes darkness to see the light

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